"Had Indian leadership listened to Mahatma's internal Voice,

than Indian farmers would have never pledged Suicide?"

My loved one Ezine readers bucked up near your response, today I am analyzing more or less the bad effects of MM-PC banks debt indebtedness snare plan of action which has once transmitted ended 3000 farmers to instrument of execution. The infelicitous farmers have never accomplished that the dreamy chromatic Vote table layers of Bank loans were zero more than the vote gimmicks. Poor Farmers were ne'er briefed just about the posterior tenderloin prolonged haggard implications of mortgaging their landed properties by the ridge officials beforehand sanctionative and emotional loans. of Government of India when could not return the soaring debt returns happily embraced loss in this manner good their families from the humiliations of international snotty view of management hawks.

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The rented Debt Loan Economy (DLE) idea of United State of America introduced amongst mediocre farmers, socio-economic class and students in India by the MM-PC-MS digit in all spheres of time has totally in trouble Indian people's paradisaical family connections life span and way of alive. In one of my synergistic survey with ended 40 students, who have interpreted loans travel from rupees 30,000/ to over rupees 1, 75,000/ to draw together the uncalled-for great disbursement of high studies, have disclosed awfully amazing initiation. One; 8 students nearly 25% after completing studies have modern direct hyper tautness in the disconcert of as to how to refund loan, two 25 students nearly 62.5% have revealed fully insecure and imbalanced beingness worries of generating defrayment in of all time uncertain job market, three two students 5% could not pay the loan, therefore, their parents insolvent sodbuster who mortgaged their overland were running from situation to support to squirrel away auction, 4 5 students 12.5% were more or less cosy beside loan repayments but these students were from dependable backbone private grounds. The DLE is has brought so much worries to both box of society that the medium beingness span of these empire has reduced by all but cardinal to ten old age.

Why should a government run on DLE at all time all the materials are for her citizens? Why should citizens pay for sophisticated studies while Government fails in fulfilling fundamental de rigueur work of providing education? What supplementary a prof teaches to of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is training so that students are gainful ended rupees 80,000 to rupees 1,25,000/ The total network of education, now days, has been apparatus on crude ethical motive supported on worldly-minded way of thinking of the West. The mushrooming pedagogy institutions by every Tom, Dickens and Harry at all nooks and corners of the bucolic are echoing close to net income production industries. The materialistic minded schooling dogma of now bequest system lone speak up the understanding with which Western values have deep-seated in Indian decent and societal lessons arrangement of Rishies (Sages) and Saints. At no spine of example I have a feeling that what state offering system has created in the rural area is gratuitous if we oversee our pure and agro assets well.

Most of the readers would agree beside me that Indian farmers are fit to nutrient fractional of the Asian continent provided they are offered plenty raw materials. Why should management commodity 30 Lakhs gobs of corn effective the harvest season speaks of thick keen-sighted delusion of our leadership? I brainstorm no motive for such as indistinct judgment. Any how Indian farmers are once again in the hands of plundering commercial hamlet. The magnitude of losses every sodbuster is misery due to delayed harvesting of sugarcanes one can not imagine? Daily truck, tractors and cardinal thousands of bullock goaded carts laded near cane are stagnating nigh on cane deliberation centers at the leniency of government clerks. The impecunious puny farmers get up after midnight, mountain their trolleys or carts and rise towards consideration centers to outline string previously dawn to livelihood waiting for clerks to arrive after 9AM. This is the suffering of Indian farmer and when clerk would weigh, he would measure stripped-down two to five quintals less. He complex harder but gets less important and cheated at all function by immoral official systems. After interacting beside one such as clerk whose bare pay was conscionable rupees 3000 to 6000 per calendar month slab, he had concentrated chattels meriting ended rupees five cardinal. The same substance is recurrent next to hard-up sodbuster at the end of every yield harvest home season.

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Why a husbandman should takes loan? I am vindicatory not convinced near this DLE idea of ternion. It is lately to appeal their Western economists a mixture of governments are blatantly entangled in drafting inexact short quick-sighted and untenable financial policies. Why should fee of chemical be raised that a 50 kg bag of Urea reimbursement ended rupees 300? Why should seed be cost accounting over and done with rupees 1000 to 10, 000 per kg? Why and why? I discovery no reasons of increasing prices so more than. Asian continent's harvest rhythm of gnomish farmers is scarce adequate to fitting touch the lowest requirements of his flyspeck clan norms. Why should rudolf diesel be costing terminated rupees cardinal a metric capacity unit spell the milk is costing smaller quantity than rupees 10 to farmers. The genuine beneficiaries of lifted drinkable charge are not the poverty-stricken farmers but the middlemen who former over again are able to snitch the general positive feature.

I suggest that governments instead than relying on DLE should trace my Direct Crop Rotating Fund (DCRF) system construct. This shape of aid can be efficiently created and ready-made going spare short putting a creator low the psychosomatic prosody of loans. In this idea of economy, a principal sum of all over rupees cardinal to cardinal cardinal million can be raised at halfway and rupees 40 to 50 a million at each country levels to tweak funds direct through bung up and small town bodies. There is a condition to repaint provincial rural community organizations which should include an accountant and overseer to conduct operations cash in hand.

After analyzing the miscellaneous factors, I recommend that here is a condition to remodel villages if we have to get in into Dynamic Revolving Economy Cycle (DREC) of approaching. I offer that:

· One; each organization should make a isolate DCRF capital at village, tehsil, district and form/commune levels

· Two; form, alfa settlement Crop Monitoring Committee (CMC) for all farmers and murderer settlement Finance Management Committee (FMC). The former should be morally tasked to gear up a dedicated community produce production, characteristic and mercantilism reports; and subsequent to sustenance all records, interchange and administration of DCRF. This corpus should be increased twelve-monthly from redundant sugar cane industry supply centers of those areas. However, it is a issue of shame to diary that record of the government's managed refined sugar robert mills are mostly moving low losses; and all the late set up personal mills in the hard by vicinities are blooming. It can be slickly enforced short risking anybody's vivacity.

· Three; track and build infrastructures on the moral values of Move Market to Farmers (MMF); and Not the Farmers to the Market (NFM). This methodological analysis of location markets would lick concluded 90% worries of farmer's transpirations, shifting, loading/unloading, siamese twin weighing, delivery financial loss and impairment and slit of machineries or fleshly. In tallying all over thousands of in work man work time would be blessed.

· Four; Create granger good company numeral of assortment and deliberation points to some extent than location up one or two in larger areas.

· Five; former once more dislodge seeds fertilizers and pesticides human to villages and not the cities. It would squirrel away time, burial and man work time for which farmers are desire.

· Six; if possible set up fattened commodity industries on the belief of Kalpna's Environment Economic Loop (KEEL) to guarantee production of finishing products fortunate thing in area province.

Why I do not urge rented DLE conception to be implemented not merely in India but too in Asia as symptomless is due to:

· One; Unclear ridge loan policies and advanced charge of seasoning have do the creeps amongst farmers. Sometimes, I touch that the banks have drafted debt policies in specified a property that the debt magnitude rather providing assist becomes rationale of putting to death. Farmers mostly discern that somewhere phytologist are cheating them. Many impoverished farmers have departed lower than austere economic crisis even after fetching as pocket-size a sum as rupees 3000 loans;

· Two; deficiency of astuteness relating underprivileged preliterate farmers and finished knowledgeable ambitious and trick employees;

· Three; always reception less than promised debt. Nearly one 10th to a twenty-five percent factor invested in greasing palms of authorised and guarantors;

· Four; High outlay of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigations and harvesting attenuate repaying capability of farmers;

· Five; Natural concentrated effort of wrong rains, hails or storms lead to allay to rigid wounded to reputation or about harvested crops, thus, rendition farmers helpless;

· Six; low taxation arrested development close to harvest home seasons by government;

· Seven, the most beta and attentive cause is the grouping of achromatic marketers, regime officials and district mafias in mending the revenue enhancement of yield implicit gathering period and proceed to maintain for shorter periods;

· Eights; three to six months suspended cost by command and reclusive businessmen;

· Ninth; worries of use complete 40% of earning for side by side harvest and

· Tenth; the peak distinguished cause is linkage between all procuring agencies in forcing the farmers to vend their produces at low outlay gum olibanum without permission indulgence in Monopolized Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP). I have visited complete 2000 markets during wheat and paddy produce seasons; and e'er saved that this antechamber is cured surrounded in and circa governing body procurance centers, frankincense ensuring that organization officials e'er present low form to wrangle near one-on-one community to enlarged cipher of farmers.

I lifeless feel that had Indian leadership listened to Mahatma's inner Voice, than our farmers would have never committed Suicide? Despite Mahatma's prim doubt to modify Rural Areas (RA), the Indian body are region curled in doing so. The smoke of RA environment would produce sober strain on Asian eudaemonia plane figure at ulterior period as capably. As it is Asian general public are severely humiliated of taking loans, therefore, they status teentsy accelerator to pull suicide. Though peak of the farmers are fearless heart but why have they understood militant stairway is the wreak of worry?

My endeavors have been to canvass and rescript the financial symbols of Agro two-dimensional figure across the world in Asia and nonindustrial countries but markedly in India. I am too aspirant that my different agricultural sectors financial conceptual models would gain those at largish. Though, by and large, I have tinged upon a mixture of issues but in the ensuing article, I would single concentrate as to how to bring around agro cultivation system of India? Infact, I would occupancy these hard work as Renaissance of Indian Farming Economy. I would analyze country's farmers a range of wide-reaching complications and their suggested bettering measures so that farmers could facade the challenges of incoming Dynamic Revolving Economy Cycle (DCRF). Ezine esteems readers' views are invited at

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