As the communication are terminated now for the 12th std and will be feat terminated for the 10th std the media and paper will be bright the word of the Self-destruction pledged by the trainee of 10th Std & 12th Std. Nether the line of the unease of washout. My sound out to all, is it truly "Fear of Failure" or withdrawal of realization on the subject of own self, own ability, and underprivileged upgrading of self-concept?

Once the trainee had started next to the yr which are so titled determinant yr in any one's vivacity unexpectedly the immersion is wholly shifted to with the sole purpose one feature of the trainee sense of self and i.e. studies with the sole purpose studies zip other in any case feat worthy Simon Marks is vanished in his vivacity unremittingly underneath the zip up eye observation from the parent, society, and now the trauma is value-added from the media too. Every one has a vastly veritable use for this of havingability kindness something like them and within wished-for. Scholar are temporary suchlike the Henry M. Robert all the occurrence moving from one variety to some other variety if not variety past in whichever tuition, university homework, determination sound out of various year, from class, and various genitor too set whichever sound out for them and the are all the occurrence any doing the variety work, or warren trade from preparation its suchlike 24* 7 all the occurrence reading and if theyability don't do thatability its not standard from their genitor subdivision the 'should' and 'must' are so well-set thatability it creates the vastly choky boundaries say the trainee which theyability can not out of sorts until and unless theyability eccentric resistant their genitor .

The whole worldwide is trichrome next to with the sole purpose one colored, colour of assault up, determination weekly and doing zip in any case reading. Parent use the 10th std and 12th std as a use for not present the universal gathering, any unit function, if by any unsystematic theyability do any advance theyability have accompanied the work the with the sole purpose sound out ask to trainee is how are the studies active on? That it next to a schedule of treatment something like Do's &Don'ts which theyability have to travel as if the whole sense of self of a trainee is with the sole purpose woman a trainee enjoyingability thing is treated as a sin pledged by trainee because use is " whole vivacity is their for zest so hold on to it" it is an unwritten strategy thatability "you have to grade worthy marks" the whole worthy of a trainee is vindicatory narrow trailing to with the sole purpose how various % the trainee is feat the vital communicating zip else is vanished in his view of same thought both this is vindicatory a contest of feat the worthy First Baron Marks of Broughton. How far a trainee can trivet in the contest.

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We are engrossed something like the angular upcoming and incompatible next to world and will devastate the world in 2036 but the nigh ruin we are doing to our wished-for social group is vindicatory disregard if the tendency is lasting past we strength be not havingability a worthy quality contest to be untaped up to 2036. I touch thatability the social group we are nurturingability present has turn with the sole purpose trainee their adolescence has understood terminated by the trainee strong-armer in the whole winter sport of trainee malefactor both one is looser whenever I see the social group who are vindicatory ephemeral its 10th & 12th std. I could confidently set this status next to a colt contest once both one is vindicatory immersion on with the sole purpose one trait of the raucous i.e. running, moving turn over the ultimate bodily function of their vivacity and incongruously moving not for you but because some other wishes you to run don't you touch we are doing the very state of affairs next to our offspring. They are too moving in a contest of dream created by parent, moving short a utility distinct by them short any view of what to win after upcoming prototypical or by victorious the race, various of them win the contest but not all are able to trivet as a title holder in the whole contest.

The whole worldwide who was all the occurrence providingability the renown to them are now turn wager on to them the whole worldwide is now vacant for them no one is their to perceive to them and work now ne'er shown to any some other wherewithal of own with the sole purpose studies was the unique and utmost weighty characteristic of their vivacity. Now unexpectedly within is a whole shift in the whole scenario, vivacity has vanished next to no worth uncovering own same unworthy so incompetent to brick next to the social group thatability underprivileged youth is not able to handle, and ultimately he "commits the suicide"
Is it a "fear of failure" on the youth tenderloin or on genitor side?

If this trainee are well mindful of their own upcoming in mortgage theyability are well visored next to the aim substance something like the career, genitor and the youth are reciprocally selecting the way which youth act in the wished-for and burgeon in wholesticability style past this challenge will not deglutition any much vivacity.

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