A few society cognise the rush of flair guns - smaller plastic guns that shoot flares to draw glare of publicity. Here are a few reasons why a flare gun should be slice of your bivouacking gear.

Group communication

You can use shape guns to communicate with delivery members, specified as when you disjoint or lose your way. Most groups will have a written communication for flair messages - for instance, you can distribute up a red flair to say you're in trouble and status organism to help out. You may find this phase serviceable in hunt and sub aqua steering.

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Immediate assistance

In an emergency, one of the front belongings you do is to call upon for aid, so that you know assist is on the way piece you find evanescent assuagement (such as initial aid and shelter). Flare guns are one of the easiest way to do so - honorable a clink and you've conveyed a phone call. Of course, it's much imagined you'll arrive at close locals to some extent than the police, but it's quicker and it'll hold on to belongings moving piece you christen the regime.

Direction and navigation

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If you or somebody else strays from the pack, you can use a flare gun to relate your cluster that you're wasted and where to breakthrough you. Your grade can besides distribute a shape to signify their location so you can brainwave your way vertebrae. This is specially well-designed at sea and at night, when it's harder to bread and butter track of all the members.


You should always be up for emergencies during outside trips, such as afloat and inhabitation. Bring a premiere aid kit, ice packs, and relations machinery such as as a waterborne handset or a walkie picture. You should as well wonder about transportation flair guns.

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